01. the lying soil

01. the lying soil

हद हद करते सब गए और बेहद गए न कोए

अनहद के मैदान में रहा कबीरा सोय


Limits are all they speak of and yet they dare not cross them

Kabir, my friend, rests on the playground beyond those limits

By the time they have gathered enough dirt on their knees, archaeologists realize that geology can play tricks on the human mind.

They describe this strange occurrence as ‘terminus post quem’, or put simply, ‘the limit beyond which’.

Artefacts that find themselves at odds with the historical era of soil cover they are located within, are described as such. For they could infact be dated to a time far beyond that of the dirt that entombs them.

Before it has been ordered into the categories of historical time, the Earth and all it contains is a labyrinth of deception.

The undersoils of Inamgaon are no different. Nothing here came from where it belongs, my friend.