SSAF–AAA Research Grant for Histories of Ideas, Art Writing, and Visual Culture 2019

The Sher-Gil Sundaram Arts Foundation (SSAF) and Asia Art Archive (AAA) in India are pleased to announce the SSAF–AAA Research Grant for Histories of Ideas, Art Writing, and Visual Culture 2019. This grant, which marks the second year of collaboration between SSAF and AAA in India, emerges from AAA’s ongoing engagement with histories of art writing, and its initiatives to map, compile, translate, and republish texts from various contexts. This grant is in line with SSAF’s commitment to work with cross-disciplinary initiatives addressing the oppressed and the marginalised, and alternative and heterodox practices in the arts and in intellectual work.


The grant aims to:

  • Support research on critical histories of art writing, art-making, and visual culture in twentieth/twenty-first century India and other countries of South Asia, with a focus on their manifestations in print form such as books, journals, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Open research avenues into dalit, feminist, peasant, working-class, and other political histories, viewed as a constituent part of wider discursive fields, specific regional milieus, and the politics of image-making and circulation.
  • Help develop tools and methods for critical art historical analysis of regional discourses and debates in politics and culture, preferably in (though not limited to) the regional languages.


Researchers are encouraged to propose projects that open new areas of study and frame rigorous questions of them; offer close readings of image and text; map circuits of dissemination; and suggest new connections between existing intellectual histories, social, political, and cultural movements, and the visual arts.